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Small Penlight

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Compact Power to Light the Way

This pocket-sized penlight clips easily to your pocket or cap for quick, bright light that is always ready.
  • Includes battery (1) AAA
  • Lumen High 55
  • Run Time High (h) 2.5
  • Aerospace grade anodized aluminum
  • Length: 3.6in / 91mm
  • Body diameter: 0.75in / 19mm
  • Bezel diameter: 0.75in / 19mm
  • Product weight: 1.5oz / 43g
  • Product weight w/ batteries: 1.9oz / 54g
Ultimate versatility with forward and reverse mounting options. Attach penlight securely with oversized clip depth and width.

Large and Reversible Pocket Clip

Adjustable Bungee Finger Loop

Elastic finger loop allows user to transition flashlight from palm to back of hand, keeping it on body, and eliminating the need to pocket and unpocket constantly.
High beam distance is 130m, low beam distance 31m. 14in hotspot with a smooth transition and a 70in.

Lighting The Scene

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I have bought 4 different flashlights from First Tactical and i love all of them. I carry the smallest one on me at all times and the others in different jackets.
Durable and bright and the ones with a different bezel act as a self defense weapon. I do recommend all of these lights. I've tried a lot of lights, and i find these are the best

Patrick A.
Papa Pat

Great for getting into confined spaces, very bright.

M G.

Great piece of equipment, really durable and concealed on my heavy vest...

Andrew G.

Small Penlight


I’ve had this light for about a year, and I would give it 5 stars for an all-around EDC light. It’s had it’s fair share of abuse from me, I’ve dropped it on concrete, in water, and kept it in my pocket through a year’s worth of crazy Chicago weather, and it still works as good as ever. The brightness of the bulb is just right for me, so you can read something right in front of you without blinding yourself, but at the same time it can reach across a yard and light up a decent area of space in front of you. There is a momentary-on feature, but no strobe (which is a plus for me,because I always end up accidentally turning it on with other lights) and if you twist both the light end and the button end off, you can reverse which side the clip sits on, which I find especially usueful for clipping it into a baseball cap to keep my hands free while I work. Overall, this is a fantastic flashlight, and in a years time it’s met nearly everything I’ve needed in a light. (Although, if I had to critique, a red LED feature would be nice) however, I would still reccomend it to anybody. Thanks for taking the time to read my review!

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